Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TWD: Savory Brioche Pockets

After looking at the recipe, I felt like I should stuff some chicken and other things inside these 'pockets' but decided I better just stick to the recipe.  And after making them and eating them, I'm thinking maybe I should have listened to my heart.  Dramatic, I know.  I forgot to add the chives to the potato and goat cheese mixture, oops.  I ended up sprinkling them on top to try to make up for my misfortune but these just didn't wow me enough to make them again.  

It was a 2 day process for the brioche and then several different pans are needed to 'steam' the potatoes and cook the asparagus and caramelize the onions.  And honestly after all that time and all those dirty dishes, I was expecting to have my socks knocked off.  Sadly, they weren't.  My socks are still in tact.

I enjoyed mixing the dough, but we've made brioche before so I knew what to expect.  And I have to admit, I think she's so pretty.
 Calvin helped me fill up the pockets and I caught him eating asparagus!  I just about died because he usually and forcefully refuses asparagus.  So there's that.
 The pockets before the rise.
 After the rise and ready to bake.
 Baked.  The edges didn't really want to stay nicely pressed like they were in the book, but I figured the fillings were solid enough, I didn't worry too much about it.
I KNOW the brioche recipe is a winner because these Pecan Sticky Buns blew my mind and used the same brioche recipe.  I think it's just a matter of what you shove inside these things and your preferences.  If you'd like to try the recipe or a variation of it, you can visit the blog of our host for the week:  Loaves and Stitches.

I'm sure the amazing TWD bakers have come up with some mouth-watering renditions.  To see their links go HERE.


  1. Very pretty :-)
    I ended up wetting the edges before I sealed them, since there was no way my floured rounds were going to stick together with out some help.
    Socks or no socks - if you caught someone eating asparagus, I think you won in the end!

  2. I felt the same way about these buggers. I wasn't enthusiastic about the filling either (starch+starch?) but wasn't feeling creative enough to come up with an alternative. Can't win them all I guess

  3. Sorry they didn't wow you. But your pockets do look fantastic. Great pics. I saved half the dough and froze it, so am looking forward to trying something else with the dough....maybe the sticky buns!

  4. They look good. Too bad you forgot the goat cheese (and chives) - it makes everything better in my book! I will be making these soon. My plan at the moment is to do half with chives and the other half with thyme and sage. Hey, at least Calvin ate asparagus!! That is a plus. :)

  5. There were a lot of pans, weren't there? I think I'd make these again if I started making brioche regularly (half the battle...), but they're a lot of work.

  6. They look good though! We enjoyed the goat cheese filling, and I am thinking about using the combination of fillings in a tart next time...


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