Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Table Talk: Homemade Turkey Breakfast Sausage

 Uh, is that breakfast sausage or a steaming pile of......?
Isn't it supposed to be in link form?
Can you even call it breakfast sausage at this point?

All good questions.  
To which I will say: 
1) It's supposed to be breakfast sausage but I can see where you'd be confused, 
2) Yes 
3) I have no idea.

I am not sure where I went wrong with the link situation but I have a few ideas.  I bought the tube of frozen ground turkey (What?  It was cheaper, so kill me!)  and it seemed to have quite a bit of liquid in it.  Maybe I should have drained it first or something?  When you buy it from the meat counter, there's usually a pad at the bottom that soaks up all the extra juice and maybe that's a necessity here?  I also used dried buttermilk powder and water as a sub for the buttermilk.  

When it was time to form the links, it seemed way to wet so I added some dried bread crumbs.  It was barely firm enough to form but I was afraid of adding too much bread and just turning them into fried breadsticks with some meat.  Even though I barely got them formed into links, I kept going, thinking that maybe once I started cooking them, they would magically hold together.  Not so much.  They held together well enough until I flipped them.  I was ever-so-careful and the first flip was okay but it seemed the more I cooked them, the less they held together.  I finally gave up and just made a steaming pile of sausage.  Yes, that's the official name I am going with.
 For my family's sake I tried to pretend I meant to make some kind of breakfast hash with it. :)  
It's supposed to look like that, see?  (I'm not sure they believed me either.  Maybe it was because I was laughing maniacally while I was smashing it up.)  

I really liked the flavor of the sausage which surprised me, I was afraid I wouldn't like the spices involved but I did.  I want to try again, but next time, I think I will try the ground turkey from the meat counter and some real buttermilk and hope it goes more smoothly.

Don't let my idiocy deter you from trying the recipe, you might be a sausage-making-whiz!  You can get it at Talesha's blog.  She was our host for the week.  Even though this wasn't a shining moment for me in the kitchen, I liked trying a new recipe and of course I learned some new things.  Like with all of my failures. :)  


  1. LOL! I had the same problem! I barely had enough links to take a decent picture of, the rest went into omelets. Your hash look super yummy, though!

  2. I finally made this, and added an extra slice of bread after having read your post about the mixture being too thin/ watery. The links formed okay but still did not stay together. Perhaps some non-stick spray would have helped.
    I did freeze half of them as suggested in the recipe, so we'll see if that solidifies them any more for cooking.
    Glad I know now that "thyme" is a sausagy spice (although my son really disliked the grassiness) and I have added "sage" to my pantry.


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