Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bake 52: Creme Caramel

I went through a phase a few years ago.  And when I say 'a few' I mean like 8 years ago.  I was going to perfect flan.  It took me numerous tries and a few different recipes and techniques to realize that I just don't like flan.  I am not sophisticated enough for it, I'm sure.  Our friends were kind enough to sample my limitless attempts and say nice things, but I think we were all in the same boat.  When Tyler got home today he was hoping that he was seeing Creme Brulee.  When he realized it was something more flan-like, he wasn't super excited.  It's not that this is super gross, it tastes pretty good, except maybe a little egg-y.  It's sweet, it's dessert, I think it's more just a texture.  It's not creamy like creme brulee is, it's hard to describe....Maybe the texture of soft tofu?  There is also a recipe in the book for flan, so forgive me that I keep comparing when that's not actually what this is, it's just super similar.

I thought it looked cool in the ramekins ready to bake.  And usually when working with hot sugar/caramel, I end up with a giant blister somewhere, but not this time!  Lucky!
 If you like flan and are sophisticated enough for this kind of thing, you might love this recipe!
And as an added bonus, it's gluten free.  I think that's one of the reasons our hostess for the week, Michelle, picked this recipe.  You can find it at her blog.  Thanks for hosting this week Michelle and picking a fun recipe.


  1. I'm with ya on this one, non-sophistication and all(and I even ended up with a giant blister that I felt post worthy:)).


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