Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bake 52: Monkey Bread

MMMMMMMMMMMMonkey bread!  I haven't made monkey bread before.  I guess when I crave something like this I always go immediately to cinnamon rolls.  This is just as delicious as cinnamon rolls but less formal and also, somehow, still super impressive looking.  

I took some to my neighbor and when he answered the door (shirt-less, I might add.  Awkward!) he asked if it was homemade.  (More awkward!)  I never know what to say to people in that situation.  Yeah, it's homemade because I am awesome?  That seems weird, so instead I launch into this story about how I am in this online baking group and each week we bake something and this week.....and now it's even more awkward because I am rambling on to him about online baking groups while he stands there with his shirt off and monkey bread in his hand. (The most awkward thing ever.) He seemed to be impressed that I said it was homemade (in about 3 million words) before I ran off to lock myself into my apartment and never set foot outside again without duct-taping my mouth shut.

I am glad I gave half of it away because otherwise I would have kept eating it and we all know I don't need that.

I decided the easiest way to divide the dough into 36 pieces was to roll it into a square and cut it, then form into balls.  I am not sure if that was the easiest way or not but I always feel better when my ruler is close by.
I was a bit heavy-handed with the brown sugar mixture and used 50% more than the recipe specified.  But it goes nicely with my belief that you can never have too much brown sugar.
 After the rise.
 Once again, my oven baked way faster than the recipe said.  I think it was almost not quite done in the middle, but almost burning on the outside.  I can't wait until I never see that oven again.  I am sure it feels the same way about me.  So don't feel bad for it, the feeling is mutual.
 This is a great recipe, if you want to give it a try, you can visit Jenn Z.'s blog.  She was our lovely hostess for this week.  Thanks for picking a great recipe!


  1. That sounds like a super awkward situation! Sorry!

  2. Did you do something different with your icing? It looks really good! That is such a funny story - so nice of you to share. Love those awkward moments!

  3. Amanda, looks delicious...sorry to read about the trama...albeit, a bit funny.
    I'm sure he loved your he should. Lucky to have a neighbor like you to share homemade goodies. You're funny! :)



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