Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bake 52: Glazed Lime Cookies

If you've seen any of the other posts from our baking group today, you know these are supposed to be lemon cookies.  I could make up some great excuses why I used lime instead of lemon but the main reason, and most influential one, is simply that I am lazy.  (I tell you guys all the time, do you believe me yet?)  I had everything to make these cookies except lemons and I happen to have an abundance of limes.  I now have lime trees in my backyard!!!  It's like Christmas everyday.  Once I get my life together, I will share some pictures of the new place but for now, just know that I have lime trees.  (I hope Valerie won't be too mad at me for changing the recipe again)

While these aren't my cup of tea, they were delicious.  They have a chewy exterior and a softer middle with a hint of lime in the cookie and in the glaze.  While some of the other bakers wanted to leave the whopping tablespoon of cream cheese out of the glaze, I was wondering why we were dealing in tablespoons and not blocks.  Seriously, throw in some cream cheese.  But I stuck to the tablespoon knowing I was on thin ice as it is.

Michelle was our hostess for the week and chose this recipe.  You can visit her blog HERE if you'd like to try it sometime.  Thanks for picking a great recipe Michelle!  {If you are interested in the lime version, I just substituted lime juice and zest straight across.}


  1. Haha you make me laugh. I would have loved to try the lime cookies I bet they were tasty. And lucky you to have a lime tree in your back yard!

  2. Amanda, you are a hoot girl! Too funny... ;D I don't think you're lazy, you are practical. If you've got limes, hey, I agree...use them. You have a lime tree!! Lucky you!

    I don't like limes...I ADORE limes...the more the merrier.


  3. I think lime cookies sound good. They look good and your description of them makes me want to go and make some!

    I am a new member of Bake 52 and wanted to say hi! I am excited to be a part of the group.

  4. I see you've been busy cooking, everything looks deliicous!!!!


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