Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bake 52: Cinnamon Rolls

I had to constantly remind myself to stick to the recipe this week.  Because I genuinely wanted to see how they would turn out.  I have a very intimate relationship with cinnamon rolls (yes, I just said intimate).  And these were good but it's hard to compare a recipe I have tried for the first time to one I have over-hauled and made exactly how I like it.  It's really not fair.  I don't know if you've heard though; life isn't fair.  Even though they had some stiff competition, they made a decent showing, they were pretty good cinnamon rolls.  I will probably stick to the recipe I love but I did learn some things this week (of course!).  

I did like the idea of adding buttermilk to the dough and I might try to incorporate that into the other recipe at some point.  I also liked inverting them to get them out of the pan and then flipping them back over so they were right side up.  I have always just served cinnamon rolls right out of the pan they were baked in, but they were easier to serve this way, especially if you had a crowd.

For some reason, I made 13.  I wish I had made them on Friday the 13th.  Before the last rise.
Ready to bake.
 And ready to eat.
Valerie was our host this week, if you'd like to try this recipe, you can visit her blog HERE.  Thanks for picking a fun recipe Valerie!


  1. Glad they worked out. I also liked inverting them because it helped them cool down a little faster. Much easier for my kids to eat them then when they are pipping hot. They can wait 5 min but asking them to wait for 20 to 30 when they see a yummy cinnamon roll is impossible.

  2. Delish! Beautiful and yummy looking, too. I like your inverting idea, I just have always served them out of the pan but how fancy!! :)

  3. Amanda, why didn't we get together and bake when we were neighbors? Really?? :). I am going to try out your recipe this weekend! You are amazing!

    1. I know! Why didn't we do that? There are a lot of things that I don't feel like I took advantage of while we were there! We miss it and you guys. Let me know how the recipe goes.


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