Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TWD: Oasis Naan

I have never made naan before.  I liked it.  The recipe was pretty straight forward and easy to follow.  Although I cheated and used my mixer for the kneading instead of using my hands.  I am a cheater like that.  It's just against everything I believe in to knead things by hand with my mixer sitting right there, inches away, watching me.  It just wouldn't be right.  Not to mention my food processor and bread maker in close vicinity.  Any or all of them could have easily been offended.  

I was surprised how much flavor the green onions added with the small amount sprinkled on top just before baking.  I thought it would be more of a garnish and it didn't seem like much.  But it really infused the dough with flavor in just those few minutes of baking.  I didn't have cumin seeds so I just sprinkled with ground cumin and if I made it again (which I will) I wouldn't change a thing.  It's a delicious flat and chewy but fluffy bread and it only needs to rise once and bake (each piece) for 5-6 minutes.  I think the possibilities are endless.  I can see myself making this many different ways and loving it.

Before the rise
 I may have let it rise a tad much.  Oops.
 AFter baking.  One of the other bakers said that if they waited until right before baking to poke the holes in the center, the bread puffed up less and I agree with that.  The dough that I poked right before was more what it should have been (flat) and the dough that was poked and sat for a minute was much puffier.  So if you want it flat, poke it right before baking.
My kids even liked this even though they vowed not to after seeing green onions on top.  I love making them eat their bread words.  ;)

If you'd like the recipe, you can buy the book (Baking with Julia) or visit one of our hosts for the week:
Always Add More Butter (which I totally agree with, butter is amazing)


  1. I definitely should have poked closer to baking. Yours looks so nice and flat!

  2. so is it used as a side dish or are there traditional toppings that go on it? Looks yummy!

    1. Jen, I think there are different kinds of naan. And this (Oasis) naan is just topped with salt, cumin and green onions. I am not sure what the traditional way to eat it would be, but we had it on the side of a steak salad that I am going to post about later in the week. It's really good though, there are a lot of variations that would be delicious!

  3. Amanda,

    Great tip about the poking just before baking...thanks!
    Love the photos...especially the stack of Oasis Naan. I pinned it. :)


  4. Looks AWESOME I will be making this!! If you don't poke it, is it hollow in the middle like a pita?? I have tried to make pita's without success...yum and thanks! Looks like a great side to eat with salad.

  5. Definitely not cheating using the mixer. I even made naan with a hand mixer before and totally happy I skipped the hand kneading. Your naan looks great!

  6. the color and texture look great!

  7. I totally cheated and used my mixer on this one...
    Looks beautiful


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