Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bake 52: Southern Style Cornbread

Jen and I have had this fight before.  What kind of cornbread is better, Northern or Southern.  She has made it clear how she feels about it.  Not that I understand.  I am, after all, a Northerner.  I actually think this is what the Civil War (unless you are from the South and call it The War of Northern Aggression) was really about; which cornbread is better.  It is worth getting aggressive about in my mind.   And I do believe the North won.  And with good reason.  Cornbread should be sweet and cakey and more of a dessert disguised as a side dish.  (I love desserts disguised as part of my meal.  Like the cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving.)

We had a house full of Yankees tonight (do Westerners call themselves Yankees?  Or just Northerners from The East?) so needless to say, this Southern Style cornbread was not a hit.  We think it should have been outlawed, like slavery, when the war ended.  I do like all the mannerisms of the South and one day I want to visit, or maybe even live there, but I don't think I will come around to the cornbread.  But never say never, right?  I guess I should keep the recipe just in case I morph into a true Southerner someday.  If you like this type of cornbread, you should try out the recipe.  You can find it at Jen's blog (our lovely host for the week, who is also hot and will hopefully forgive me for not liking the cornbread).  And if you like more Northern Style cornbread that is more sweet, you can find my favorite recipe HERE.


  1. Both sound tasty, but I like your Southern version!

  2. Never tried cornbread, I really should!!

  3. Ok, that's enough of a hiatus as I can handle. What else am I going to read while I am chowing on my bowl of ice cream?
    And I agree with you about the whole North/South thing...I mean who wouldn't want a sweeter cake-like cornbread drizzled with honey with your salty bowl of chili?
    Ha, your hilarious.
    Miss you!


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