Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TWD: Pecan Sticky Buns

I was excited about this recipe when I heard what we were making this week.  I got less excited when I saw how time intensive they would be (I mean, that's a long time when there isn't a speck of chocolate involved!).  I got a little less excited when I saw how much butter was involved (actually there was a part of me that was super excited about all the butter, but I have been trying to shut her up lately.)  While I was folding the dough with even more butter inside I found myself sure that these would be a flop and not worth the effort.  I really thought I would try one and my family would try one and we would throw the rest away.  I was a skeptic the whole way.

The worst kind of temptation is the one that sneaks up on you, my friends.  The one you are not expecting and haven't prepared yourself for.  It's the worst kind of evil.  And that's what these were.  Evil.  The butter-loving me was cackling a laugh as I ate one.  Actually I did have an inkling that I was in trouble when I pulled them out of the oven to see all those beautiful flaky layers (because of all the butter).  But I pushed it aside.  And butter loving me pushed her way in a bit more.  Needless to say, these abominations were gone after about 2 hours of pulling them out of the oven.  And that includes picture time.  Luckily for me I halved the recipe.  Especially since the recipe states they need to be eaten the first day.  And I always try to follow the recipe. ;)

I forgot to half the filling ingredients so they got double the sugar/cinnamon than the recipe called for and I think I would do that again if I were making them.  
Before the rise; I used a spring form pan but I was afraid the hunk of butter wouldn't be contained in it's walls so I lined with tin foil.  It's a good thing I put a pan underneath because even with the lining it still leaked.  I was grateful the recipe prepared us for that!
 After baking; just look at them.  I should have kept them in a little longer because the center one was still doughy and I had to put them back in for a new minutes.  Next time I will cover the top with foil and hopefully prevent more browning while they finish baking.
 I had to get a photo of what the inside of the dough looked like, it was breathtaking.

 Do you guys hear the cackling?  I hate that girl.

You need to make these.  They are so worth the effort and would be perfect for a special occasion.  They would have been great for Mother's Day, but don't forget about dad.  Tyler loved these and I bet almost any father would.  You can buy the book(you should) or get the recipe at Lynn's blog HERE or Nicole's blog HERE (you should).


  1. I agree.. these were worth all the effort, the time and the butter!! :)) I too was a skeptic when I started.. but a bite of these .. and I was converted!! Yours look awesome!!!:)

  2. Father's Day is such a great idea! Yours look good, and I'm glad you really liked them :) The only way I didn't eat the whole pan is by sending the majority to work with my husband.

  3. Wow! Those look like the came from a top-notch bakery! Beautiful.

  4. Definitely worth the effort. Your layers look delicious!

  5. Glad you enjoyed it too!!! Amazing work!!

  6. Hahaha you sure ate these up really fast! Yours look flaky and buttery!

  7. Amanda, yup, I hear her cackling... :)
    Great post. Great shots...especially the last two...YUM!

    TWDBWJ member

  8. Those look amazing! Too much filling is never a bad thing, right?

  9. They look great! I need to make them again (this time with nuts!)

  10. Hi there, I have a love for baking goods(that are not complicated) and if I see something really interesting that I like, I feel like commenting. I checked some of your recipes and even found one that was gluten free. I am talking of corn tortilla made from masa harina. I just loved staying here.
    Don't feel obligated to join my blog. I go to so many baking blogs that I like.

    1. Thank you! I am glad you saw some things you like. I have a gluten free tab too if you ever want to sort recipes that way. Here is a link if it's helpful. :) Glad you stopped by, loved your blog.

  11. Very lovely - these rolls are evil that way :-)


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