Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Best April Fools' Prank (so far)

Last year, I posted this on my family blog:

The Stupidest Parents Alive

Last night we cut Calvin's hair again. We thought it would be funny to have him cut some of it himself.

We thought it would be funny until we woke up to the sound of the clippers and our kids giggling, that is.
And this is what my Hadlee looks like now.
As you can see, she seems as upset about the whole thing.

Okay, so I knew I was going to have to play this just right to get anyone to believe it. In Tyler's family, his sister Kate is the skeptic and I was sure she would be convincing everyone that it was fake unless she believed it.  So I published my blog post and called her.  And then I started crying.  I cry over anything which is ridiculous but it comes in handy when you are pulling an April Fools' joke.  Since I cried, she believed me and it went from there.  All the while, Hadlee and I were laughing at how good our joke was.  Then my mother-in-law called to talk to me and even though she had been yelling about my sub-par parenting skills to everyone at her house, she was so nice on the phone and offered only comfort as I cried some more.  I finally handed the phone over to Tyler because I couldn't lie anymore and he dropped the bomb.  APRIL FOOLS'!!

Some of my friends were left hanging so we posted a follow up post to clear the air.

April Fools':  The Real Story

Last night we really did cut Calvin's hair. Hadlee really did want her hair shorter, but we fibbed about them cutting it with the clippers. :)
Today she got her hair cut.

I love her with long hair, but she looks so cute! And she loves it. She couldn't stop smiling!

I am grateful we have so many people in our lives who love us and care about us, and freak out when necessary. (and forgive us when it's just a joke.) :)
Happy April Fools' Day!!

This was my best prank so far.  They may have slightly forgiven us, it's hard to say.  This year we will take it easy on them. ;)
What is your best April Fools' prank?  Or the best one that has been played on you?

Here are some food ideas for April fools':

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