Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bake 52: Palmiers

We have made so many things in this baking group that I have never made before!  I am loving it.  I really thought I had baked a lot before starting this blog and joining these groups but I am learning new things with every recipe we make.  If you haven't guessed, I have never made Palmiers before.  I have never made the full version of puff pasty either (I have made a quick version).  Two new adventures with one recipe. 
I am not sure what they were supposed to look like when they were finished because the book didn't include a photo of the finished product.  And since I have never made them or eaten one before, I wasn't sure what they were supposed to taste like.  They were flaky and buttery and reminded me of the outside of a turnover.

The only time I didn't follow the recipe was when I was placing the butter square.  I kind of understood what the recipe was trying to say, but I had done this kind of thing before when making croissants and decided to just what I knew.  I combined the butter and flour in the food processor and then spread it to the size I wanted on a piece of plastic wrap, then wrapped it up and put it in the fridge.  (I halved both the pastry and the palmier recipe)  I rolled the dough out to twice the size of the butter and placed it on one end,
folded the dough over and pinched ends together and did the rolling and turning according to the recipe, changing measurements as needed for half the recipe.
 After turning and chilling overnight, I rolled the dough out to a 12x12 square. (or that was the goal)
 rolled up
 cut for baking
 The recipe said to flip them half way through.
 done baking.
 Since I thought they might taste like turnovers, I decided to top a couple with an apple/sugar/cinnamon mixture because my father-in-law loves apple pie.
 And some with some chocolate ganache.
But maybe we should have just made turnovers if we were going to do that.  They were pretty good by themselves.  I am glad we made them.  Next time I have left over puff pastry, I think this would be a great use for it or maybe just double the batch of pastry to make them.  I would also like to try them with the quick puff pastry to see if they were still as good with a little less effort.  Rebekah was our host this week, if you would like the recipe you can visit her blog HERE.  Thanks for hosting and picking a great recipe!

We have been in Utah/Colorado for the past few days and today wraps up our trip.  My grandma died last week and we came for her funeral but had the bonus of seeing everyone.  My sister, Chrissy, is working on becoming a cosmetologist and I wanted a haircut.  I was just going to have the regular "few inches" taken off when she said, "You know, you could donate this."  I immediately said yes because I felt guilty about that last time I was supposed to donate my hair and it sat in a drawer until I threw it away.  So here is the before.  Do you like my excited/scared face?

And the after.  I am still getting used to it and using way too much shampoo and conditioner!  I am not sure I should have immediately said yes, I maybe should have hesitated for a second or two.  Chrissy did a great job though.


  1. Your toppings look yummy on your palmiers. Cute haircut!

  2. Sorry to read of your grandma's death.

    How creative to add the apple pie filling to the Palmiers.
    I've made these using the 'fast' method. But, making them from scratch must be awesome.

    Your haircut came out great! Noble idea to donate your hair.

    ~ Carmen

  3. The palmiers look great and so does your hair :)

  4. I've never thought to top palmiers. Cool!

  5. Your palmiers look awesome. Great idea to top them, never thought of that. I also enjoyed the process... such great techniques we're learning.

    Sorry about your Grandma. Hope it was a nice funeral, and nice trip.

    LOVE the haircut. So cute.

  6. Was it your maternal grandma? I'm assuming since you went to Utah...sorry to hear. :(
    You are beautiful no matter what hair length!
    And these look amazing...just like everything else you make!

  7. Looks like we had the same idea with the chocolate. Yum!

  8. Oh my, yum! I am craving apple pie like nothing else now! Ooh, what about my glaze drizzled over your apple mixture?! Cute hair:)


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