Thursday, February 2, 2012

Parmesan Stuffed Soft Pretzels with Puff Pastry

I used to be more into the whole football scene, but football and I parted ways a while ago.  I know the Super Bowl is coming up and those who don't even like football are allowed to pretend they do.  If we lived in a different place right now, I would possibly be throwing a party just for the food and company, but this is not the year for that.  We live in a little apartment and don't really have a friend-count that would warrant a "party."  So I will live vicariously through all of you.  

I think this idea is amazing and perfect for a Super Bowl Bash.  Not too hard, no yeast involved, but the result is impressive and delicious.  I used the quick puff pastry recipe, but you could also use store bought. I halved the pastry so I used 3/4 of a lb of pastry and it yielded 11 pretzels.  Depending on how big you make them, the full recipe would be around 22-24.

Parmesan Stuffed Soft Pretzels
adapted from Just a Taste
1 recipe quick puff pastry (1.5 lbs) or store bought and thawed
1 1/2 cups shredded Parmesan cheese (I think this would be good with other cheeses too, just haven't tried them)
2 egg yolks and 2 tsp milk

Preheat oven to 375.  Divide pastry into two sections by cutting in half (if you bought it, it will probably already be in two sections).  Roll each half out to a rectangle about 12x16-18.  Sprinkle with half the Parmesan cheese and roll over with rolling pin lightly.  
Slice into strips about 12 inches long and 1 1/4-1 1/2 inches wide.  (I cut them about the width of my ruler)
Fold each strip over with the cheese inside and pinch ends (it's not super important that they seal, but you can brush with melted butter or water and seal them) together.  
Shape into pretzel.  
Place onto parchment lined baking sheet.  Beat egg yolks and milk until combined and brush over pretzels.  Gather up extra Parmesan cheese and sprinkle over egg mixture.  
Bake for 15-17 minutes or until golden brown.
Serve with mustard, fig preserves or cheese sauce.

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