Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bake 52: Challah

I am trying to figure out if I have had CHALLAH before.  I was expecting it to be pretty sweet.  Like, too sweet to eat with dinner.  Maybe more of a dessert-typish bread (is there such thing?).  I don't know why I was expecting that, but mine wasn't sweet at all really.  Not that it was a bad thing, just not expected.  And now I am wondering if I forgot to add the sugar.  I can't promise I added it.  That's why when a recipe flops, I never blame the recipe the first time.  I really can't be trusted.  This was by no means a flop though.  I loved it.  It was fun to
braid the bread, which I don't think I have ever done before.  It was super pretty and delicious.
{I had to look up how to braid CHALLAH normally since this was a shortcut-braid version.  If you are interested, this is the video I watched.
(I wonder if this works on hair too?).  
Anyway, you basically braid six stands of dough together.}

I thought this version in our book was super easy and I am glad the book gave us that tip.  I think when I make this again, I might try doing real thing so I can be all authentic and such.  

Jenn was our host this week and I am so glad she picked this recipe.  It's delicious and impressive looking.  Too bad the only people who shared it with me were my little family.  I need to start talking to my neighbors so I can drop stuff off somewhere!

My dough had a hard time rising.  I am not sure if it was my instant yeast (which I don't use a ton of, I have been all about active-dry lately) or if it was that I forgot the sugar or if it was the water temp once I added my cold eggs. ???  Who knows, that's the beauty of bread, isn't it?  After about an hour and a half I checked on it and it looked about the same.
 I turned on my oven and and set it on top for the warmth and an hour or so later, it decided to cooperate.
 After splitting dough into two sections, (don't worry they are supposed to be uneven!)
 You are supposed to section each piece into 3 more pieces and roll each into a rope 16 inches long.  That seemed like a big deal to me for some reason.  I felt like rolling it out and cutting it into 3 pieces would be easier, so that's what I did.  Is anyone sick of seeing my ruler yet?  It's my best friend these days.

 The bottom braid
 With the top added
 After second rise

 I sprinkled with poppy and sesame seeds since I had both and couldn't really decide.  (surprise, surprise)

 The book said it makes really good French toast.

 You don't have to tell me twice!  We LOVE French toast!
If you would like the recipe, you can visit Jenn's blog (HERE)


  1. I wish I would have tried the french toast with it, it sounded (and looks) yummy! Your dough rose way better than mine! It was fun to braid it! Not as scary as I thought it would be :)

  2. the french toast would have been a good idea, since I served mine to a group of 14 there wasn't any left for that! I may just have to make it again!! Your dough looks so much more moist than mine!! I wonder now if I skimped the liquids. Or maybe it was that you forgot sugar. Who knows. :)

    This is so much fun!!

  3. I was expecting something much sweeter as well. Kind of like thinking you're getting Sprite, but when you take a sip you discover that it's water. I still liked it, but the expectation of something different tainted my experience some.

  4. Your dough, even though took a long time to rise, rose much better then mine. I didn't talk about it on my blog because it didn't seem a big deal but now that you mentioned it maybe the liquid temperature had something to do with it. Who knows, right.

  5. My dough took forever to rise too. Oh well, turned out great. We really loved it, and I thought it made really good french toast too. Looks amazing!

  6. It really is nice to know that others had trouble with the dough rising! But yours turned out beautifully and your french toast looks oh so good! The braiding was the only part of this recipe that I really enjoyed (besides eating it), bet we could find a Challah hair braid on Pinterest!

  7. This is such a handsome looking challah - I haven't had much luck with plaited breads, so I am in awe.

    1. Thanks, it was a lot of fun making it!

  8. Your Challah looks fantastic. I think the first time I had some was when I baked it myself.

    1. Did you use it for French toast too? :) I am definitely going to make it again.


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