Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bake Sale

There is an organization here, at the university, for the dental wives.  I am a bit anti-social so I haven't really been involved thus far.  I have gotten to know a couple of the other wives and one of them was in charge of getting people to bake goods for the bake sale.  I guess they were having trouble getting volunteers, so I started feeling a little guilty after the third or fourth email.  I really should be better at being involved.  And they are trying to raise money to make blankets for sick children (or something like that).  I caved and called her today to tell her I could bake something.  
The treats needed to be individually wrapped and each bag had to be worth a dollar.  I am just glad I don't have to sit at the table and sell them because what I think is worth a dollar and what someone else thinks is worth a dollar, might be very different.  I decided to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies, with orange frosting, of course.  I tried to make them festive without being cheesy.  (I always feel cheesy next to these professional people)  I am pretty happy with how they turned out.  I think they look like fall, but maybe a little simple and elegant?  Yeah, that's a question.
I originally wanted to use raffia but couldn't find any and now I am kind of glad.  I like how the crochet string worked out and maybe I will use the rest to crochet a doily later (sarcasm, not really).  I used the fold over  kind of sandwich bags and printed out some little tags on my computer with my NEW font and some card stock.
Although I am not sharing a new recipe today, I thought I'd share this in case someone needs an idea for individually wrapped cookies for a dental wives bakes sale.  :)  Or maybe something else.  Maybe it will inspire you to create something even better and awesomer. Or maybe it will inspire you to have a bake sale. :)

You'd pay a dollar for one of these bags, right?  Right?


  1. They do look yummy and definitely worth a dollar. Have you ever tried butterscotch chips in your pumpkin cookies? I never would have thought that combo would taste good but it is delicious! I'm enjoying looking at this site. I haven't tried any recipes yet because I'm attempting to get skinny and none of your recipes seem to be very low fat! After I give up on this dieting crap I am definitely making those cinnamon rolls though. :)

  2. I think they look great! I would pay more. I love the tag on each one, very nice touch.


  3. I would probably pay $10 for some of your cookies!

  4. @Amber, I haven't tried butterscotch, but I am going to put that on my to do list. Do you use a mix of chocolate and those or just butterscotch?
    @Jenni and Kate, Thanks girls! They are hopefully being sold right now. I told Tyler he better go buy a couple to make sure someone bought some of my cookies. :)

  5. Those look amazing, totally worth it! You are going make all the other wives feel bad about their stuff!


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